November 2, 2015




When and how to utilize a corner television design

If your living space is short on just that–space–you may find yourself having a hard time achieving the perfect home entertainment set up. When you have limited room due to an unusual floor plan or the presence of a fireplace and large windows, a corner setting for your media furniture may be just the angle you’re looking for. Corner settings can reassign the focus of your whole room and allow you to completely transform your design aesthetic. Following are a few options and factors to consider when arranging your living space around a corner television setting.

Built in shelving

While constructing a corner shelving unit may be a large undertaking, the results will leave you with not only a beautiful focal point for your room, but additional storage space for movies, books and more. Shelving can easily be customized to fit your needs with cabinet doors, open faced shelves, decorative appliques and a variation of sizes and wood finishes that will match your home décor.

Corner consoles

If you’re a self-appointed home designer who enjoys switching things up and has a hard time committing to built-in shelving, try a television console meant for corner spaces instead. Non-permanent fixtures like corner consoles offer a flexible option for mounting your TVs or gaining storage and display space in an otherwise underutilized area. When looking to purchase the ideal corner media cabinet, consider the size of your TV, the amount of space you have available and the aesthetic of the room you’re decorating.


When arranging a space to fit a corner layout, it’s important to take into consideration other features in the room that can complement a corner alignment. For example, corner designs are great for juxtaposing fireplaces. Placing your television next to your fireplace rather than having two competing focal points allows you enjoy both features equally with great visibility.

Complementing furniture

When space is at a premium, corner entertainment set-ups are ideal for freeing up floor space for other home furnishings. Furniture, such as sofas, can then be placed at a diagonal angle facing your television, which open up the room and prevent a boxed-in set up. This angled design is cozy and comfortable and perfect for entertaining. While in the past you may have thought of the corner television set-up as a last resort when working with limited space, it has become a great option when designing for small spaces, or rooms with atypical layouts. Not only does a corner concentration open up your floor space for additional furnishings, it creates an illusion of more room. So go ahead and install a corner shelving unit or add a corner-friendly television console. Either way, corner furnishings bring a unique angle to your home décor – every time.


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