February 2, 2019

Boomerang extension table

Living better together

Get into the Scandinavian mindset! Picture it: you live together in a white interior with pale wood, little hints of color, clean lines, soft materials, and minimalist geometric accents. The space welcomes people as they come and go. It’s airy, open, and full of natural light. You feel connected with nature and would happily spend hours together just being in the space. Everything is so cozy you and your family can just curl up anywhere. So clear your mind, relax, and just enjoy living together.
24” butterfly leaf that can easily be installed or stored by one person
within seconds and without effort
Built-in leaf storage
Ball bearing mechanism tested successfully for over 7000 cycles, which
represents installing and removing the leaf every day for 10 years
Sturdy construction that supports up to 250 lbs

Customize your product
A fascinating world of creativity opens up; the line features a generous palette of metals, woods and coverings to work with. We provide the inspiration, you provide the look ross beam in solid wood (birch)

W 30 1/4″
L  55″
H 29″