January 9, 2019

Cassius Deluxe

A sofa for relaxing mo

Comfort & Quality
Choose a mattress that fits your needs. Innovation Living offers a wide range of mattresses with different preferences.
This overview gives you an idea about the different types of mattresses we can offer you.

Choose a top mattress to add extra sleeping comfort and protect your sofa bed
A 3″ durable and reversible top mattress that will give an even and supportive sleeping surface on all adjustable sofa beds. Cover is breathable, removable and machine-washable at hot/120°.
The top mattress comes with a bag for storage when not in use. The bag helps minimizing the volume of the topper for better storage.
Available in: 47″ x 79″, 55″ x 79″, 63″ x 79″

Cassius is a multi functional and comfortable sofa bed durable for everyday use.